Our Slack network has a bunch of interesting folks hanging out and chatting about documentation. It’s the best way to connect with our community, and to stay in touch with folks you’ve met at our conferences and meetups.

Below we have a bit more information about the useful Slack channels that we have. This should start you off on the right foot, and get you connected with folks who have similar interests.

You can join our Slack if you aren’t already a member.


Feel free to send a Pull Request to update this page, if you want to include more other channels.

Default channels

Everyone who joins the Slack will be added to these channels

  • #general - The main channel for documentation related conversation and questions
  • #watercooler - For talking about things that are off-topic. Get to know folks other interests that aren’t around documentation :)
  • #jobs - Posting or asking for jobs
  • #conferences - Questions and other thoughts around the Conferences
  • #meetups - Questions and other thoughts about our Meetups

Other useful topical channels

  • #markup-the-docs - Talk about markup languages. Markdown, rST, Asciidoc, etc.
  • #documenting-apis - Talk about REST API’s. Swagger, Apiary, API Blueprint, and other API doc tools.
  • #sphinx - Talk about the Sphinx documentation generation tool
  • #flare - Talk about the Flare documentation toolkit
  • #confluence - Talk about everyone’s favorite Wiki

Location-based channels

We have too many location-based channels to list. Chances are we have a large group of folks in your neck of the woods, so join up and chat with them. They’re a great way to get in touch with your local meetup organizer and community.