Write the Docs is a community effort that is enabled by a wonderful team of folks. We are always looking for more people to help organize conferences, meetups, or take a leadership role in the community. This page documents the status of different members of the community, and also explains some of the roles that people are filling.

If you’re interested in helping out, get in touch with someone on the team you’re curious about. Messaging folks on the Write the Docs Slack is probably the best way to get in touch with folks.


The folks with an asterisk (*) next to their names are the team leads. They get to choose who is in each team, so they are the best folks to talk to about how to join their team.

Moderation Team

These are the folks you can depend on to enforce our Code of Conduct. They are also charged with keeping our various communication channels on topic and friendly. As a reminder, we expect exemplary behavior from our community, and won’t tolerate any kind of harassment or prolonged negativity.


  • Moderate the Forum and Slack
  • Serve as points of contact for any issues or questions
  • Enforce the Code of Conduct

Meetup Coordination Team

These are the folks you can talk to about anything Meetups related. Want to attend your first one? Start your own? Have any other questions or concerns? These are the folks to talk to.


  • Serve as point of contact for people interested in Meetups
  • Update website with new meetups
  • Socialize information around meetups (new meetup topics, speaker ideas)
  • Maintain documentation on starting meetups


Guide Coordination Team

These are the folks who maintain and make sure it stays high quality. The site is built with Sphinx and hosted on Read the Docs, but

  • Serve as point of contact for issues or questions about contributing to the Documentation Guide
  • Update overview and TOC for ease of use
  • Curate and write new sections and topics
  • Identify new contributors and help them get started (like you!)

Communication Team

These folks are in charge of communicating with the greater Write the Docs community. This is mainly done through our newsletter, as well as content updates that we put out on our site.


  • Maintain the website section about our newsletter
  • Curate the Slack & Forum chatter into a monthly email newsletter update
  • Write and send mail to our mailing list for community updates and events


Social Media Team


  • Manage the @writethedocs twitter account
  • Reply to folks who have questions on Twitter
  • Track, post, and retweet relevant content


  • Volunteers Needed!

Website Team

These are the folks who maintain and keep it up to date. The site is built with Sphinx and hosted on Read the Docs, so familiarity with these tools is a plus. It’s also a great way to learn them, if you want!


(Proposed) Council of Elders

Think about the council like you would the board of a non-profit. They are the folks who are the current leadership of the organization, who create new teams, and are generally responsible for the community.

Generally these folks have done one or more of the following:


  • Enforce the Code of Conduct
  • Create and dissolve teams
  • Set the general direction for the community and long term goals and business models

Join a team!

Our community is all volunteers who care about advancing the state of documentation in the world. If this is an interest of yours, we are always happy to have help. Feel free to contact anyone on this page about working together to make our community better!